A collection of side projects with learning based outcomes.

Everyone has a million different commitments. Whether it’s work, keeping healthy, or just finding time for family and friends. Finding the time to learn is difficult, finding time to see your passion project to completion is nearly impossible.

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A product designer living in São Paulo that previously made things at places like Palantir, Ustwo, and GoCardless. To be honest, who this is really isn’t important.


There comes a point where you notice that your professional and personal growth is stagnating. Maybe you’ve lost motivation, maybe you’re at a job that doesn't provide that space for growth, or perhaps you were just too comfortable at that startup with all it’s free snacks. The reason isn't really the point. Either way, you feel a bit empty, lost, or just unsure of what is next.

That is what this is. This is an attempt at course correction and restarting that growth that has been missing. It might not be successful, but there is something to be learnt from that too.


In short, use side projects to learn something. Take a subject, learn by making, and launch it. Anything.

Basically, building things is fun. Learning new things through challenges is fun. However, it can be hard to keep up with. Especially, once you’ve learnt a sufficient amount about whatever it is you’re learning.

By creating a concrete outcome of publishing your studies, you create an additional motivation. Aiding you to see it through to the end. But more than this, you reinforce that newly gained knowledge. Good, right?


This all started on 12th September 2017. It’s resulted in one project being launched.

  • Habits

    Launched 29th September 2017


    Learn how to design, build, and deploy a full-stack web application without relying on JavaScript.


    Habits is a tiny tool to help you keep track of your habits. All a habit needs is a name, an emoji and a weekly aim. Then just tick it off as you do it. Pretty simple, huh?


    Launched an MVP in under 3 weeks. The application was built with Elixir, Phoenix, and succesfully deployed on Heroku. It was featured on Product Hunt on 30th September 2017.

    Visit habits.mooji.tools →